By paying for this service you agree with the following terms and conditions.



-by booking a session you confirm that you have understood what this service is and know what to expect for your first class. If it still isn’t clear or if you are unsure about this service I’d advise you to get in touch with me before your first booking. 

-No walk-in sessions. Lessons have to be booked beforehand - this can be done via my website. 



-I’m legally entitled to work in the UK on a self-employed basis. 

-I have a DBS disclosure up to date.

-I offer vocal lessons for beginners, advanced and professionals. Every lesson is personally tailored on you, depending on your level and specific requests. 

-I am a devoted professional and have been dedicating my time and energy to help others find and develop their voice. With a positive mood and a can do attitude. I will look after your instrument and help you feel comfortable during your session. 

-I aim to keep the communication as clear and objective as possible during the collaboration period.



-to proceed with your booking you must be of legal age, or be represented by a parent or legal guardian. 

-you are fully responsible for your own safety and security, for the entire duration of the lesson, as well as for your journey. 

-you are fully responsible for your personal belongings and possessions. 

-you agree to communicate your needs/concerns/questions as clearly and objectively as possible during the collaboration period.

-you agree to arrive on time for your lesson and understand the lesson will have the length agreed on booking unless previously discussed - if you booked a 1 hour session at 3pm and arrive at 3.10pm your lesson will finish at 4pm unless agreed otherwise. 

-customers who turn up under the influence of substances will not be allowed on their session and will not be refunded. 




-lessons can be arranged via Skype and FaceTime. No specific mic or headphones needed. You just need a good device for the video call (laptop/iPad) If you don’t play any instrument a second device is needed to play instrumental tracks. be sure your internet connection is stable enough and your audio/video quality is good. Let’s arrange a free video call to check everting’s working fine before doing a booking. 



-this studio is for one on one lessons only. 

-Note there is a cat in this location. 


-note that both rooms are designed to help you hear your instrument as clearly as possible. The Archway studio, especially, was designed to give a perfect natural feedback (meaning no amplification apart from the voice’s natural sound). They are vocal training rooms and where not designed for recording or rehearsal sessions. 


-the lessons are aimed at teaching vocal technique, therefore no external amplification. If you are also interested in learning microphone technique you will need to book a suitable room - the room hire fee is not included in the lesson fee.


-if you need my help during a recording session in studio, a normal lesson fee will apply. 

No extra travel cost over all London area. 



-choose a slot, confirm the booking with a secure payment method.

-First come, first served. If you are up for a weekly appointment, I would suggest to book your lessons a few weeks in advance, or chose a block of lessons instead. 



-Payment is secured with a third part company

That means I’m not going to possess any of your personal details. 

This payment method will provide a secure transaction for you, avoiding uncomfortable cash transactions for the both of us. 

-you will receive a confirmation email with a reminder of your booking, location and time. 

-in case you don’t receive a confirmation email during the 24h after your payment, please get in touch with me. 



when you buy a block of lessons you agree to an upfront payment. 

-scheduling block of lessons: when you buy e block of lessons you will receive a personal code, valid as prepaid lessons.

You can then book your sessions as a normal single lesson booking, so you can chose the time slot that works better for you. Remember to book your lesson with a bit of notice in order to have plenty of slots to chose. 

-block of lessons - gift. If you buy a block of lessons as a gift for someone, you will receive 5 or 10 personal codes corresponding to prepaid lessons. 

-Block of lessons are not refundable. 

-Lessons not completed in the correct time frame are not refundable. 

-see cancellations, reschedule, refund paragraph. 



-In order to have a refund on a cancelled lesson, I need 48h notification. 

-less than 48h notice: you will be charged for the slot and no refund will be issued, but you can reschedule your lesson for free in a week time if there’s an available slot matching your needs. 

-you can’t reschedule a lesson already rescheduled. 

-NO EXCEPTIONS: Sickness, cold, flu, unexpected events, family visits, “something came up” etc.

-If I cancel one or more scheduled sessions because of an emergency, I will immediately refund the total price of your lessons. ( Please note refunds may take 3-5 woking days to show on your account ).

-same rules apply to block of lessons. 



If you have a coupon with a specific offer, or a free code because you purchased a block of lessons, or a free code because your lessons are a present from someone, you just need to add the code at the end of your purchase (remember to click the blue harrow to confirm once you typed the code) 

If you have any problem with your coupons, please contact me and I will help you to resolve the issue. 

Keep on mind, Coupons are not refundable and might have a specific expiring date.



-constructive feedback is always welcome - if there’s anything you’re not happy with please do share and I’ll do my best to find a solution for the issue. 

-I work hard to make sure every student is satisfied. But in case you are not, I would appreciate if you could clarify your reasons so I can improve my service. Please note you will not be refunded. 

-Make sure to have a full understanding of these terms and conditions before you confirm your booking. 


I can’t wait to work with you. 

Every lesson will be a unique experience. We will get the best out of your vocal instrument!