Professional vocal coach based in north London.

Singers from all level and backgrounds, from complete beginners to professionals.

If you’re a beginner, I’ll help you finding your own sound, breath, tone, pitch, strength.

If you’re a professional, I’ll help you taking care of your instrument, developing a vocal training that’s efficient for you. 


When you’re a professional and your career is depending on your voice, a constant and meticulous care is the key for a long lasting and healthy instrument.
Having a lesson in my vocal booth is a great experience. The studio has been planned and customised to give an accurate sound feed back.

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What I’ve learnt after years of vocal training, is that working on my voice has been the most incredible journey to know myself a bit more.
In the last few years I’m helping artists, singers and vocalists to develop and take care of their voices.
When you’re a beginner in the singing field, 
a clear understanding of the mechanics and the main contemporary vocal techniques is fundamental in order to discover your own true sound, and build your vocality around it.



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Nicola is a fantastic teacher. I had no singing or music education but but he was patient to go over the basics, sharing a lot of educational materials. His approach to teaching is gentle and always encouraging. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.


Nicola is clearly passionate about unlocking his students singing potential. He brings a really friendly vibe to each lesson which keeps me looking forward to next, and within just 2 months in I have noticed my singing voice go from a closed, unconfident sound to a much more open, controlled one. I would Highly recommend Nic to anyone looking to strengthen their voice and to amend any bad techniques and habits that most of us aren't aware we have.

Lilly J

I'm a singer songwriter (been doing this for 15 years) and I was looking for a vocal/performance coach to help me improve my skills and gain confidence.
I chose Nic because his CV was impressive and he did not let me down: I have now completed 1 month worth of vocal coaching with him and I can only say good things.

Camila Z

I have really enjoyed my classes with Nic so far! He is very professional and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable about trying to sing for the very first time. I feel like I have already made some progress with my technique and am much more confident and excited about singing and practicing. Nic is also great at giving guidance and providing resources on what to practice outside of classes, so I can keep improving on my own. 

Rosanna L

Nic is friendly and very engaging. He's able to pinpoint my weaker areas and is able to explain clearly what I can do to change. I always come out of the lesson excited for the next one! Great teacher and highly recommend.